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La Orotava boasts a new auditorium

El Auditorio Francisco Álvarez Abrante tiene un aforo de 300 personas The Francisco ÁlvarezAbrante Auditorium has a capacity of 300 people

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The municipality of La Orotava, and specifically the neighborhood of La Perdoma, boasts a new recreational-cultural infrastructure. This Friday, October 1, the old La Perdoma Cinema Hall reopened, which after an intense process of comprehensive reform has become the Francisco ÁlvarezAbrante Auditorium. «A real luxury for the town and for the north of Tenerife», values ​​the mayor of La Orotava, Francisco Linares. The first institutional representative was excited by the reopening of the venue «which represents a qualitative and quantitative leap in quality.» The new image of the enclosure is spectacular, with a modern, functional and attractive design both on the outside and inside, and a very comfortable seating area, for which he also praised the rigorous work of the project writer, who is also the one who gives name the center, the architect Francisco ÁlvarezAbrante. Likewise, he stressed that the residents and groups of the neighborhood will have priority for the use of the property.

The opening ceremony was attended by the entire corporation, chaired by the mayor, representatives of neighborhood groups, and neighbors in general, as well as the architect. And after the interventions there was a performance by Magec and the group Entre Voces.

This renovated space is one more new cultural center for the North area, and a real boost for the neighborhood, since it will surely have a continuous program. In addition, it will be a complement to the Teobaldo Power Auditorium, which is also expected to carry out a comprehensive reform.

In the reform project, which began in 2019 and in which some 400,000 euros of municipal resources have been invested, multiple improvement and modernization actions have been included. Thus, among other things, the entire roof and stalls have been renovated, with a capacity of 300 people. The stage was also expanded, new dressing rooms and a small house were created for the stay of the artist or companions. Architectural barriers were also eliminated and security was improved, as well as renovating the entire environment and adjoining streets, widening the width of the sidewalks and placing new pavement.
The delegate councilor of the neighborhood, DaríoAfonso, emphasized what this new cultural infrastructure will add to the neighborhood, “it is a neuralgic space of culture, being able to host various events and artistic disciplines, in addition to serving the facilities for the citizens and groups of this urban nucleus, and the municipality in general”, he pointed out.
The Perdoma Cinema Room was inaugurated on September 25, 1965. At that time it revolutionized the La Perdoma neighborhood, by having this important recreational-cultural project that gave many residents of this urban nucleus the opportunity to access in a comfortable and close way to the cinema and to view the diverse and varied films that were projected. The inauguration was made with the film by Mario Moreno Cantinflas, ‘El Extra’ and ‘Duelo de Sol’. In the 70s of the last century, an important cultural flow took place around this room. Cinema weeks were scheduled with screenings of special films that had a significant influx of audiences. Also, during the neighborhood festivals, at that time, important cultural days were programmed, adding to the projection of films, music and theater. Thus, the room witnessed talks, festivals, concerts, rallies, conferences, meetings, and multiple experiences, among other things.
This space closed its doors at the end of the 80s, and later, in 1997, the City Council of La Orotava acquired it to continue developing various cultural and social activities in the neighborhood. Thus, this movie theater has been an important meeting point and cultural exchange since the sixties of the last century, hosting a multitude of events, as well as being used as a rehearsal venue.

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