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The head of the Libyan Presidential Council requests support from the AU for the holding of elections

Menfi has also called on “stakeholders” to facilitate

reaching a consensus that will lead to free, fair and acceptable elections.

The president of the Libyan Presidential Council, MuhamedMenfi, has asked the African Union to support the holding of elections in the country, as well as the initiatives for the departure of all mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya, and the cessation of interference foreigner in national internal affairs.

Menfi called for the collaboration of the pan-African organization during the summit held this weekend in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, through a speech in which he assessed the progress made in the country after the end of the armed conflict between the two parallel administrations in which it was divided.

“The positive conditions that followed the signing of the ceasefire agreement in Libya helped to create the right environment for the unification of institutions and increased confidence among Libyans, which was made evident in the election of a Council Presidential and a government of national unity, which paved the way to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation,” he recalled.

Thus, in statements collected by the Libya Observer, he indicated the establishment of a High Commission for National Reconciliation, in preparation for the holding of a comprehensive conference of the Libyan people, with the aim of achieving “comprehensive national reconciliation and achieving sustainable stability “.

Menfi has also called on the “interested parties” to facilitate reaching a consensus that will lead to free, fair and acceptable elections, preventing the country from entering new challenges and crises, “preserving the political process with acceptable results for all” .

Libya has had a unity government since March 2021 after a process of talks to unify the opposing administrations, after the internationally recognized authorities based in Tripoli repelled in 2020 the offensive launched a year earlier by Commander KhalifaHaftar, chief of forces from eastern Libya, against the capital.

With the holding of these elections, which now have no date, Libya sought to shelve the institutional crisis that opened in 2014 and the instability it has suffered since the capture and execution in October 2011 of the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi amid of the revolt against his regime.

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