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The City Council allocates 30 million euros to the rehabilitation of 150 blocks of the El Cardonal urbanization

The corporation unifies its own and supramunicipal investment to repair and protect the homes affected by the deterioration caused by the combination of aluminous cement

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The City Council of La Laguna will allocate approximately 30 million euros to rehabilitate 150 blocks of the El Cardonal Urbanization, with deteriorated structural elements due to the effect caused by aluminous cement in contact with humidity. The Consistory, through the Municipal Housing Society (Muvisa), is already executing the works -in fact it has already acted in 19 buildings and is intervening in another 14-, with the aim of renovating them and protecting them from the problems encountered.
The mayor, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez; the CEO of the public company; Ignacio Viciana; and the entity's technical architect, Antonio Pérez, presented this Monday the details of the investment plan, with financing from the local Corporation and supra-municipal administrations (insular, regional, state and European).
The local councilor announced that the government team has decided to prioritize the intervention in this urbanization, with the "centralization" of funds from the different agreements related to this matter, to act on all the properties that "need to be rehabilitated urgently" . In this way, the works will be carried out first in those blocks in which aluminous cement has been found, to which another 18 will be added in a later phase, which do not have this material but have other types of conditions.
Luis Yeray Gutiérrez made it clear that “we are not facing a Chumberas II”, since the commissioned technical report concludes that there is no extreme danger. In addition, the appropriate precautionary measures have already been taken and the people who reside in the affected homes will be able to continue in them while the works are being carried out.

«With the 30 million euros, and thanks to the rapid intervention of the City Council, through all the areas involved, as well as Muvisa, we ensure the necessary actions to guarantee optimal living conditions, so that everyone can rest assured . At the beginning of the mandate we said that the first thing was our neighbors and this is a practical example that we are fulfilling our commitment ”, he stressed.

Both the mayor and the CEO of the public company indicated that, once the capacity limited by the pandemic has been expanded, various meetings have been held with the neighborhood representatives of the urbanization for information on the situation of the blocks and the measures to be taken, together with the delivery of the specific report that evaluates each of them.

The unification of own and supra-municipal funds, with the “minimum” economic participation of the neighborhood communities, “will allow us to act in the short and medium term in the 150 buildings to solve the problems identified in the report and to carry out other modernization and improvement tasks, as with regard to energy efficiency ”, explained Ignacio Viciana.

As detailed, after the interventions completed or that are underway (in 33 in total), the forecast is that they begin to rehabilitate another 35 properties in a short period of time (about the first half of the year), to later continue with the rest of buildings in order of priority.

The technical architect of Muvisa explained that the structural report carried out shows that 150 blocks used joists with aluminous cement for their construction, which «changed their internal structure» due to humidity, causing «the oxidation of the armor.» Although this is what has happened in this case, Antonio Pérez declared that «there is no extreme risk» and that the solution is to carry out «a repair of these joists and take measures to avoid humidity, as with the arrangement of the downspouts with leaks and taking the pipes of drinking water indoors”.

Once the rehabilitation of these buildings is completed, we will proceed to intervene in another 18 -without this type of material- to respond to the conditions that also present; some of them, for example, related to the bare floors on which it was built.

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