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La Laguna registers the largest drop in unemploymentin recent years and is at pre-pandemic rates

The number of new contracts in September also exceeds expectations and is places ahead of January 2019, the last highest registered in the municipality

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La Laguna has registered the largest drop in unemployment data in recent years in September, with a reduction of 8 percentage points compared to August and a total of 1,434 people who are no longer unemployed, maintaining the downward trend that began in March and that has meant that 4,232 have found a job during these 9 months. The municipality also accumulates its second consecutive month of decrease in the interannual unemployment rate, with a decrease of 11.40% compared to the same month of the previous year, which places it already in data similar to the average of the year 2019, before the pandemic period.

Only in the month of September, 3,201 contracts have been registered, the highest figure in recent years and that represents an exponential jump that exceeds not only the data prior to the pandemic stoppage, but is even above that registered in the month of January 2019 (with 3,012 hires).

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, considers that these data “indicate that since August there are 1,434 people in the municipality who have improved their lives and their chances of progress. It is the largest drop in unemployment in recent years. And that, in a situation as complicated as the current one, and with all prudence, is to be hopeful ”. The mayor assures that «we continue working from the administration to create favorable and stable conditions for employment to follow a growth path in La Laguna.»

For his part, the Councilor for Local Development, José Juan Gavilán, positively valued the decrease in unemployment for the fifth consecutive month, with a reduction compared to August of 7.99%. "Although the data are highly positive and invite us to be optimistic," Gavilán expressed the need to "remain prudent, analyze the effects of the new recovery funds and the adaptability of our labor market. In La Laguna we are clear that these figures are an endorsement that we have to continue working to promote employability, support economic development that encourages hiring and reduce the temporary employment rate”.
Employment plans
For Gavilán, “we have to keep rowing in the same direction. The facts tell us that we are on the right path, which we will continue to reinforce with the hiring of almost 400 people through the employment plans we are working on, which will begin before the end of the year and which also represent an important drive to improve employability ”.
Currently, there are 16,514 unemployed people in La Laguna, data similar to the average for 2019, so the municipality returns to the figures prior to the pandemic. The differences between men and women continue to be the usual ones in recent years in the municipality, where unemployed women account for more than half, specifically 55.76%.

No obstante, es la primera vez desde que comenzó la pandemia que el número de mujeres en paro baja de la barrera psicológica de las 10.000 personas y se sitúa en 9.209 frente a los 7.305 hombres en situación de desempleo.

The restoration and the commercial sector are once again the major generators of contracts in the municipality, representing 36.17%, followed by unskilled jobs and specialist technicians, which stand at 18% and 11% respectively. 17% of these contracts are permanent or reconverted to the same type, while 40% are full-time fixed-term and the other 42% are part-time fixed-term.

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