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Arona works in a ‘Green Corridor’ that diversifies the tourism and promote its historical and cultural heritage in a sustainable way

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One of the great steps that the municipality has already given is the Arona initiative: Smart Destination
 The Arona City Council, through the Tourism and Environment areas, works on a 'Green Corridor' with four pillars based on the sustainability and diversification of tourism: the transformation of the Paseo de Las Vistas, which will connect sun tourism and beach with the historical and cultural; a corridor that will link the coastal area with the Casco with recharging points to promote sustainable mobility; the digital transformation linked to the Arona: Smart Destination project with, for example, the Smart Planner, a virtual tour guide, and the rehabilitation of the Casa de losBaute to generate a renewed cultural and heritage experience.
Arona is a municipality and tourist destination committed to sustainability, both climatic and economic, and that is committed to modernity by promoting the use of new technologies with the aim of offering tourists a unique experience.
But tourism is changing. Or it already has, accelerated by the post-pandemic 'new normal'. And Arona is already working to adapt to this reality, in which the historical model of sun and beach will be combined with the generation of cultural experiences and the promotion of historical heritage, using digital tools and promoting sustainable development.

One of the great steps that the municipality has already taken is the Arona: Smart Destination initiative, a project that has been selected and tendered by Red.es with a budget of more than 5 million, and which aims to promote digital transformation, that will not only improve the tourist experience but also the day-to-day life of the residents. For this, different technological infrastructures will be implemented.

And, precisely, within this transformation, a new project of the Arona City Council adheres, promoted by the Environment and Sustainability Area, directed by Leopoldo Díaz Oda, and the Tourism Department, with José Alberto Delgado at the fore: a green corridor that It will connect the Las Vistas promenade with the Historic Center of Arona to unite sun and beach tourism with historical and cultural tourism, supported by the philosophy of sustainability of which the municipality is a pioneer.

Four work axes

The Arona Green Corridor project, which has already been presented to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism for financing, is structured around four main axes, four actions, which will globally transform the municipality.

The first is the so-called ‘Green and sustainable transformation’, with which the Las Vistas promenade will be improved, so that it connects the beach with the historic center, thus uniting mass tourism of sun and beach with cultural tourism and of experiences.

The second axis is called ‘Improving energy efficiency’, which is based on creating a corridor of electric chargers that encourage sustainable mobility in the municipality, allowing visitors to park their car and charge it while they enjoy some activity.

The third is the 'Digital Transformation', which connects directly with Arona: Smart Destination, creating a local Wi-Fi network that allows to know the profile of the tourist who visits Arona, and their movements through the municipality, in addition to offering a real-time app of the situation of the tour: the Smart Planner, a virtual tour guide that offers change of plans if there is a mishap, for example.
Finally, the Rehabilitation of the Casa de losBaute, one of the BICs in the historic center of Arona, an icon, which with its rehabilitation will generate a new cultural and heritage experience.
The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, affirms that “this project is a sample of the process of modernization and transformation of Arona to the new realities, betting on the sustainability and diversification of our tourism and economy. With this initiative we are taking a further step towards a municipality that combines clean energies with the enhancement of our cultural and historical heritage, making it easier for sun and beach tourism to know everything that Arona can offer”.
José Alberto Delgado, Councilor for Tourism and Historical Heritage, points out the need to “value the historical and cultural heritage of Aaron to promote an alternative tourism to the historic sun and beach. We want to reinforce the generation of new experiences and the digitization of the destination to continue adapting to the 21st century tourist. Always under the umbrella of sustainability. This project will also rehabilitate and revalue such an iconic BIC in the municipality as the Casa de losBaute ”.
The objectives of the Arona Green Corridor project are to make the entire municipality an accessible destination, so that anyone who comes for the sun and the beach will also discover a cultural and gastronomic destination; to guarantee that Arona continues to maintain the proper balance between the development of the tourism sector and aspects such as the protection of the environment and the conservation of the environment, the responsible consumption of resources or the safeguarding and promotion of the aronera culture; put in value the historical, cultural and natural heritage as a way to promote alternative tourism and diversify the offer; and modernize and technologically transform the municipality to adapt its resources and promote innovation at all levels, not just technological, so that the different tourist agents in Arona continue to advance.

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